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Financial Tools

EQUIS is committed to educating people about their financial situation. To support this commitment we have developed a range of Free Downloads, Audio's and Financial Tools for you to make your life easier.

Advanced Financial Tools

Free Downloads

Free Audio

Free Downloads

As support to our program of seminars and workshops, EQUIS has created some simple free downloads to help you to understand your own financial situation and to maximise your wealth. We also have some more advanced budgeting tools in our shop that are important in helping you understand and manage your money.

Budget Planner

Our Budget Planner provides a framework for you to enter your income and expenses, so that you can really see where your money is going. You can set yourself a budget and then track over time whether you are meeting your plan.  If you are moving backwards (spending more than you earn), getting your data into such a spreadsheet, can be a very good first step to identifying where you can cut back.

Business Bootcamp eBook

Business Bootcamp eBook Business Bootcamp eBook (901 KB)

Business Worksheet

Business Basics is exactly as it suggests - a basic spreadsheet for Small Business to understand and see at a glance, your Balance Sheet (your assets and your liabilities) and your Profitability (your income and expenses, generally referred to as Profit &Loss or P&L). While you may have a book-keeper or accountant to manage the company’s money, it is imperative that you keep on top of these things yourself. 

Records Summary

Our Records Summary a comprehensive single-location for your to keep track of your investments, loans, insurances and superannuation. This may be used for personal and/or business finances. 

Tax Calculator

Our Tax Calculator is a very simple spreadsheet that calculates how much tax you will pay, given your income. It is completely free, our gift to you, as just another piece of the financial jigsaw you need to put together. 

Free Audio

Red Hot Events - Interview with Jodie McIver 7th April 2011 Red Hot Events - Interview with Jodie McIver 7th April 2011 (14450 KB)

- M Blundell, NSW