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EQUIS Group is a highly professional, affordable wealth management firm with a unique education facility for people who are keen to learn more about money but unsure of who to trust, where to start or where to go to source credible, reliable information.   EQUIS offers smart, practical financial education and written ADVICE in both one-to-one tailored advice meetings and in 2 hour, easy to understand group workshops. The specialist financial advice is undertaken by Senior Financial Adviser Jodie Nolan who has more than 20 years industry experience, an MBA in Applied Finance and Authorised Representative 001258785 of Aura Wealth Pty Ltd ABN 34122486935, Australian Financial Services Licence 380552. 

The workshops are a first of its kind in Australia, EQUIS Group was developed to satisfy people’s quest for financial knowledge without the sales hype, product push or follow-up strategies.  EQUIS offers workshops where people can source credible, useful, financial information for individuals and business. ‘Financial matters are often the biggest decisions you will ever make.   These 2 hour workshops allow you to learn and understand the basics so you can better source the right experts, ask the right questions and ultimately obtain a better financial result with your hard-earned money’. People work hard at their careers, in their businesses or on their health and fitness and often overlook their personal finances.    Financial success underpins the majority of most people’s wants and desires and yet this area is often neglected.   It is our experience that people abandon the search for financial awareness because they don’t know who to trust or where to turn for facts, information and direction.   Financial matters can be a daunting task and appear confusing with all the industry jargon, hard sell gimmicks or complex products.  We are not taught the basic financial principles, investment options or strategies in school let alone work out what is ‘need to know’ versus ‘nice to know’ in our search for answers.  EQUIS Group believes it is never too early or too late, to make smart decisions about your money and therefore have developed the following workshops for individuals and small business: For more information, download our fact file below: 

EQUIS Group ACFP Fact Find Questionnaire EQUIS Group ACFP Fact Find Questionnaire (690 KB)

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Living Smart - Things you ‘need to know’ about money

A smart place to start on your quest for credible financial information, Living Smart - The things you need to know about money - is an essential 2 hour workshop for anyone who has ever wanted to understand the fundamentals of finance and how to easily apply them to your life.  You can expect to learn the key principles, facts and skills behind cash-flow and debt management, understanding investments like shares and property, superannuation strategies and tax minimisation, just to name a few.  This knowledge is designed to give you the edge in developing an excellent financial outlook.  A must for anyone from the ‘young achievers’ to the ‘young at heart’, this workshop is the cornerstone of all financial workshops and most of our attendees agree ‘ this stuff should be taught in schools’.  After only 2 hours you will be armed with the practical information to make significant changes to improve your money situation.

Retiring Smart - The things you ‘need to know’ about retirement

Providing income for retirement regardless of your age or situation is a daunting process for most people however in this 2 hour workshop you will discover how straightforward it is to understand the financial facts to retirement.  From self-funded situations to navigating the Centrelink and Tax issues, you will have a better understanding of the right questions to ask in order to save for, plan and implement your own retirement income streams.

Start Smart - Things young achievers ‘need to know’ about money

A smart place to start for the future leaders of our country!  Start Smart - The things ‘Young Achievers’ need to know about money is an essential 2 hour workshop for ages 16-25.   Ideal for those Gen Y go-getters who are keen to get the head start in their financial future the workshops are designed to provide easy, practical information on issues that affect Gen Y right now.  We often hear:” Why isn’t this stuff taught in school?”  So with this in mind, you will learn the fundamentals of money (that those older than you, wish they knew earlier!) and how to apply them to your life without sacrificing your current lifestyle.  

Smart Business - Financial things you ‘need to know’ about small business

A priority workshop for small to medium business owners who are keen to better understand their financial situation, improve ongoing cashflow and source potential financial opportunities within their existing business.  Often business owners spend more time ‘in’ their business and not enough time ‘on’ their business so the opportunity to spend 2 hours understanding financial statements, breakeven and profit projections, cash-flow and marketing is much needed to enhance their productivity, and ultimately maximise their bottom line. 

EQUIS Group - we believe we provide credible financial education that allows people to make practical changes through informed decisions no matter where they are in their life.

In light of the recent government push for improving the financial literacy of Australians, the impact of market downturns and global economic uncertainity, we have identified a need for people to have an accurate, professional training opportunity - that doesn't have a hidden sales strategy or underlying push of a product - to learn the principles of money first.  This is the first of its kind in Australia. It is run by professional, tertiary qualified financial experts (and guest speakers) and there is no 'onsell' or gimmicks so people can feel confident they are going to a 2 hr session to learn some basic financial terms, principles and concepts to improve their knowledge - to empower them to make changes where needed, save time and money in the process and ultimately assist them to make better financial decisions overall.

This website and subsequent content contains general information only and should not be construed or relied upon as legal, financial or professional advice. Accordingly the recipient should note a) that the information has been prepared without taking into account the recipients objectives, financial situation or need; and b) because of that, the recipient should, before acting on the information, consider the appropriateness of the information, having regard to the recipients objectives, financial situation and needs, and obtain individual professional advice on this matter.


Advice provided by Jodie Nolan, an Authorised Representative 001258785 of Aura Wealth Pty Ltd ABN 34122486935, Australian Financial Services Licence 380552. 

The Equis Group Team

Jodie Nolan

Economist, Financial Adviser & Founder of EQUIS Group

Jodie Nolan will inspire you while she teaches you. Not only has Jodie been recognised as one of Australia’s leading financial advisors, but her personal experiences provide a dimension of credibility that many others lack. A respected Fnancial Adviser, author and keynote speaker, Jodie has extensive experience in the financial planning industry with major financial firms and institutional banks alike. Her personal, yet profess..more

Leonie Duck

Business and Research Analyst

Leonie has a Bachelor of Economics qualification and over 15 years work experience. She has worked in banking and telecommunications as well as other industries. Leonie has worked in a number of roles including economic research, call centre administration, market research, data analysis, marketing strategy and management consulting. Leonie has recently spent nearly ten years with only one foot in the workforce, while primary carer for her ..more
The first time I heard Jodie Mc Iver speak I was mesmerised. Her knowledge on money and finance and her delivery prompted me to make some drastic changes in my financial habits. ..more
- Cyndi O'Meara, Author and Nutritionist, Sunshine Coast