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Gen Y - Our Future Leaders

GEN Y - Do YOU want an 80 year career?

If you are an Aussie Gen Y person, you are the future leaders of our country.  At some point, sooner rather than later, you will need to start thinking about money, saving and investing.  In fact, Gen Y makes up for one-fifth of our total population, that's about 4.65 million of you (born 1980-1994).  Gen Y is currently 18% of the workforce and will be the biggest generation in the workforce within 10 years.  Why is this interesting?  Because Gen Y will be living longer than previous generations, be working later in life and will accumulate more money in your lifetime than those before you.  In fact, all the BIG companies and institutions worldwide recognise this and have already started formulating marketing strategies to sell you products and services - you are a huge 'target market'. ..

- M Blundell, NSW