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Are you fortunate enough to be getting a BONUS this year?

What will you do with your bonus this year?

If you are in the very fortunate position to be receiving a cash bonus for this financial year, you might want to consider 'sacrificing' it into your super. There are multiple benefits to this. ..

What is a SMSF?

SMSF for Property Investing?

Self-managed superannuation fund (SMSFs) are super funds that you run yourself.  Instead of paying super contributions into an industry fund, you can pay it into a fund where you choose what to invest in, including property.  There are significant rules in order for a SMSFs to be compliant, however for almost 2 years SMSFs have been allowed to borrow money to purchase assets such as property and some investors believe this is one of the best tax incentives for property investing. ..

Reclaim your lost super before it's too late!

Your chance at FREE MONEY

If you are an employee and have had more than 1 job in the past, chances are you have money sitting in a super policy somewhere that you have forgotten about.   ..

FREE Financial software


How much do I need to retire? Should I refinance the mortgage? What is my Net Worth?  How much can I save on the family budget?  EQUIS Group has developed a series of FREE Financial Tools available on our website for immediate download.  Our Financial Software has been specifically developed with YOU in mind!  Quick to download, easy to understand and navigate, these tools will save you time and money!  For those who need more technical answers or solutions we have developed our EQUIS Advanced Financial Tools - check out the EQUIS Shop for software to help answer even the toughest of questions!

Free Financial downloads -
Advanced Financial Tools -


Maximise your Super

Super may not be a topic you love to discuss however the quality of your retirement years, whether a long way off or just around the corner, will be set by the amount of super you can ultimately accumulate between now and then!    ..

Are you aware of the Superannuation co-contribution scheme

If your income is below $61,920 and you make a voluntary contribution to your superannuation, you may be entitled to up to an additional $1000 contribution from the Federal Government into your super.  Below $31,920, the government will match dollar for dollar. If your income is between $31,920 and $61,920, your entitlement is reduced by 3.333c for every dollar you earn above $31,920. For further information click on the link below.  ..

Thanks so much for last nights information! I think it was all information that I really needed to hear last night as Im thinking about taking the big step of buying my first property. Now to make it good debt! Cant wait for the next session! Thanks again!..more
- Emma Boyle, Sunshine Coast